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VNTower is accredited to perform evaluation, structural analysis, technical design and reinforcement design of I-class steel tower projects, with heights ranging from 150m to 300m in Vietnam.

VNTower is a trusted and reputable partner for structural analysis, design and reinforcement and upgrading services for high broadcasting towers for VTV in Vietnam. For example, a structural assessment analysis of a 180m high VTV tower in Nam Dinh province; design verification of a 125m high VTV tower in Thai Binh province; structural analysis, technical design and upgrading services of a 141m high VTV tower in Hue province; and structural analysis and tower upgrade for an AVG project in Nam Dinh, Da Nang and Hai Phong. Furthermore, VNTower has conducted full packages of technical solutions, engineering design, fabrication, civil works and erection and installation of equipment for AVG in Vietnam.