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How we do it?

Thank you for your interest in the products and services that VNTower Company provides.

For nearly 3 years since our founding in 2007, VNTower has implemented many projects in the region, mainly in the field of telecom infrastructure, meeting various customers' needs and so forth under a variety of contract schemes.

Our company continues to provide our clients with total value for the project with respect to the quality, HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment), schedule and cost by utilizing our considerable advantages – project management skills, engineering, high-tech application capabilities, optimum alliance building and networking.

Our telecom operational area covers Analysis & design of masts, towers & poles; Supply of masts, towers & poles; Consultant resource services; Construction management; Inspection & maintenance; Programme & project management; Site acquisition; Specifications for rollout of mobile networks.

In all our fields of business, VNTower endeavors to be a most trusted and thus long-term engineering partner to our clients by providing the wisdom required for solving their problems together with and from the perspectives of the client.

The brief overview of capabilities provided on this brochure is the first step toward building a mutually beneficial relationship with our customer.