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The ceremony take roof of Bac Lieu Tower

On the morning of 8/8/2011, in Bac Lieu city, Bac Lieu province, project management unit of Bac Lieu tower collaboration with the Trade Union and Youth Union Co., PVC-Mekong ceremony take roof of building Bac Lieu Tower.

Attending the ceremony of PVC-Mekong company are Hoàng Ngọc Suân -  Vice Chairman, Mr. Trần Quốc Huy - Deputy Director, Trần Tuấn Kiệt – Head of Supervisory Board, Mr. Nguyễn Bình Đẳng - Vice President of union.

Representative of Vntower – Project Management Consulting company with Mr. Roger CJ Fowles - Project Manager, Mr. Alvil – M&E manager, Mr. Danilo – Architecture & Finish manager and all Vntower’s engineers working in the project.

Representatives of the project management team of the investor have mr.Phạm Minh Kiệt, deputy director of PVC-Mekong, Chairman, Mr. Đỗ Huy Bình, Vice Chairman

Representative of the field commanders, unit supervision consultants, contractors, Team building; reporters the report, the television station of goverment, Bac Lieu province and more than 200 officials and employees working on project.

PVC-Mekong's leaders perform rituals take Bac Lieu tower roof

The concrete block was finally moved up to complete the roof

The entire staff, engineers, and workers are on site construction

At the ceremony, the leaders of PVC Mekong Company, Project management team performed rituals to take Bac Lieu tower roof, put the final concrete pour completed the top 18 floors of tall buildings most Mekong Delta (as of now).

Addressing the launching ceremony, Trần Quốc Huy, Deputy Director of PVC-Mekong behalf of the company praised the spirit of responsibility, hard of the collective leadership of Project management Unit and all his engineers, construction workers building the Tower of Bac Lieu in the past. He is also specifies the workload to complete the Building is still very much and very heavy, which mark time on the occasion of handing over the project to celebrate National Day, 2 / 9 is not much, if not is too small compared to the remaining workload. Mr. Huy now proposed collective project management units Bac Lieu Tower, and all officers, engineers and workers to focus all resources and propose specific solutions, the initiative and flexibility to solve the problem, mental focus and highest forces, with the highest responsibility, the best effort to fulfill the goal of building work on schedule, ensuring safety and highest quality.

Report by: Hoàng Định