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The project management in construction course was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh city on 05-07, may, 2011

Last 05-07, May, 2011 at conference center in Liberty 4 hotel, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, LEAD Consulting Company - VNTOWER members - held a successful course 'Project Management in Construction'. Course trainer is PhD. Nguyen Minh Nghi, course participants are the key officials from companies such as FPT Telecom, Toan Thinh Phat, Nha Xinh, CMC TI, SCC ...

The course provides knowledge of project management principles and project management methods applied in the construction industry based on the standards of the American Society of Civil Engineers  (ASCE) and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) by Project Management Institute USA (PMI). Effective project management will help address the specific constraints of the project, reduce risk, the project successfully on time and meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

Some activities in the course

The course takes place over a full 03 days, with many exchanges, discussions between participants and trainer. Many new scientific knowledge of project management in the world was introduced and updated by Dr. Nghi. Some the most famous large engineering projects were also as examples in teaching has created a dynamic for the course. Basically the participants were:

  • Understand and apply basic concepts in project management and benefits of management of construction projects efficiently.
  • Understand and use the general skills as well as project management tools and project management methods suitable to the specific environment of the construction project.
  • Understand the characteristics of a successful construction project. Master the methodology of planning to ensure project success.
  • Identify and implement processes and stages of project management as well as how to implement to improve the success of a project, meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

Some activities in the course

Nguyen Minh Nghi, Ph.D. P.E., PMP., M.ASCE. is president and CEO of NDV Project Managements Services Inc. Dr. Nghi has had more than 25 years of progressive experience in the field or project management on maior construction and high technology pjojects such as Three Gorges Dam, International Space Station with leading Canadian and U.S. corporations such as the SNC-LAVALIN GROUP, LOCKHEED MARTIN, CEA and the CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY. Dr. Nghi is senior consultant at LEAD consulting.

End of the course the participants are certified for continuing education of the American Society of Civil Engineers - ASCE, the certificate by LEAD consulting for 21 hours of training certification standards of the Project Management Institute United States (PMI) to prepare for the certification exam Project Management Professional (PMP).

Course 05-07, May, 2011 was held successfully on its target.

LEAD Consulting Company is a crystallization of ideas between Vntower company and 02 leading experts in Vietnam doctoral graduate of Project Management at the University of Texas United States are Mr. Le Tien Dung and Ms.Nguyen Thu Thuy. LEAD consulting is the region's leading firm in professional project management training, consulting and services. LEAD Consulting helps aspiring professionals to advance their career in project management and management through professional training. It also serves local and international organizations wanting to improve their effectiveness through professionalizing management practice.

As well as courses held previously, Vntower continue send his staffs to this course to improved their knowledge on project management to apply to the actual works that Vntower are and will supply Project Management servises.

Vntower staffs were fully completed the course 05-07, May, 2011