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Analysis & design of masts, towers & poles

One of our key areas of expertise is the design and optimisation of guyed masts, towers and monopoles. We have designed everything from small poles to tall 140-metre Self Support Towers.
VNTower is the unique company in Indochina using the world’s most famous tower analysis software, MSTower, in tower design processes.

Supply of masts, towers & poles

We make sure the towers meet every aspect of our customer’s specific needs, including antenna and cable loading, the restriction of rotations, safe access, corrosion protection, national safety requirements.
We deliver both standard and tailor-made masts and towers. Tailor-made towers are the most cost effective when a high number of towers are needed or the loading of the structure is severe. Standard towers are the optimum choice when only a few towers are needed.

Consultant resource services

We offer highly qualified resources
  • Project Manager
  • Document Manager
  • Quality and Acceptance Manager
  • Contract and Change Manager
  • Site Acquisition Manager
  • Design & CW Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Our team’s combined expertise and experience will ensure the success of your project rollout. VNTower’s experts provide tools and procedures to help solve any challenges that arise – and ensure that past bottlenecks and problems do not return. We also deliver training and supervision to help our customers execute future assignments successfully.

    Construction management

    During rollout, the Construction Management Team will monitor and follow-up on the progress, budget and the quality of the work.

  • Ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained and that health, safety and environmental conditions are met
  • Coordinating contractors on site, technical site supervision and third party relations
  • Chairing site and coordination meetings, including taking minutes
  • Ensuring that contractors establish an adequate quality assurance system
  • Handling interfaces
  • Monitoring and controlling the financial aspects of the work
  • Handling and evaluating the contractor’s claims and requests for progress and final account payment
  • Taking care of performance guaranties
  • Arranging commissioning of the completed work and final inspection at the end of the defect liability period
  • Assisting customers in case of arbitration or legal proceedings
  • Inspection & maintenance

    In cooperation with our customers, we prepare a strategy for inspection and maintenance for both telecommunication structures and site facilities. We take all important aspects into account. The strategies we provide seek to optimize the use of resources to ensure high-quality solutions at reasonable cost

    Structures we inspect, maintain and strengthen include:

  • Guyed steel masts
  • Steel and concrete towers
  • Chimneys
  • Rooftop telecommunication structures
  • Facilities, including technical rooms, containers and antennas
  • Programme & project management

    Our experts know what critical key issues must be considered in the very early phase of the RollOut, thus ensuring a successful result with a minimum risk of extra costs or unforeseen problems later in the process.

    VNTower has experience from project managements of site-RollOuts in Vietnam for Nortel, Ericsson, Vimpelcom and Huawei. The key items for a successful RollOut are - but not necessarily limited to:

  • Preparation of a detailed Master RollOut Plan
  • Audit and inspection plan
  • A comprehensive Responsibility Matrix
  • Interface dependencies
  • Work flows and procedures
  • Basic templates for reports and check lists
  • Site acquisition

    VNTower has been successfully involved in site acquisition for different mobile network operators. The success we have enjoyed is based on our ability to provide complete solutions – giving the mobile operator a clear advantage throughout the rollout phase.

    We offer a full range of services, including:

  • Site identification
  • The production of technical site survey reports
  • Technical site surveys
  • The evaluation of structural suitability
  • Lease agreements
  • Lease negotiations with land and property owners
  • Negotiations with local authorities and municipalities for build permits
  • Specifications for rollout of mobile networks

    Based on years of experience, we can provide the expertise to make specifications for the entire rollout of mobile networks – and identify network requirements in the rollout process.

    We have extensive know-how in streamlining project organization for the rollout of cellular networks – all while meeting tight timeframes. We also offer our customers a variety of project management services that support and strengthen their ability to conduct, supervise and control all project phases.