From the beginning of business operations, we have managed all large and small projects in the company in accordance with international standards PMBOK for project management and construction management. Our goal is to make the VNTower brand a prestigious brand in designing, fabricating, and erecting steel structures in Vietnam and exporting to the international market. VNTower actively focuses on training company employees in order to equip and update their extensive project management knowledge across the enterprise.

With the aforementioned spirit, the history of more than 15 years of operation of Vntower, in each project, each stage, each stage such as planning, preparation for deployment, design, procurement – selection of suppliers, contractors sub, fabrication, construction, assembly, quality control, schedule, cost, labor safety, environmental sanitation…the company’s project management team all carefully and indeed plan. , deploy, monitor and manage quality, progress, and OSH following the set requirements and plans; Therefore, most of the projects implemented by Vntower meet the schedule required by the client with good quality and no labor accidents.

Work safety

Occupational safety is a prerequisite and mandatory task in Vntower’s daily activities. To have no occupational accidents on all construction sites, we always focus on the implementation, management, supervision and ensuring the work of occupational safety and health (OSH) for 100% of staff and workers of the whole company who are working at all offices, factories and construction sites.

Along with the implementation of work to ensure occupational safety and health (OSH) for the company’s staff and workers, the training process on occupational safety includes annual internal training, OSH training certificated by a competent domestic unit, participation in intensive courses on occupational safety of clients with a global system organization and being granted EHS, OHS certificates such as Huawei, Ericsson, etc, project’s pre-implementation OSH training are strictly and regularly implemented in the enterprise.

Instructions on occupational safety are always available at the office and construction site to remind each individual about the issue of occupational safety awareness for themselves and those around them.