Workshop for cutting ciphertext steel

Workshop for cutting ciphertext steel 100×100 150×150 200×200 250×250 300×300 350×350 400×400 according to the requirements of prestigious drawings with the best quality in the market of Ho Chi Minh City and provinces nationwide.

Steelvina specializes in supplying and processing steel plates cut to the required specifications, including: Plates, bars, flanges, bowls, stiffeners, counterweights,… And all shapes with steel thicknesses. such as punching holes, milling exactly according to all requirements of customers. Satisfying export products with the most competitive prices in the South.

Xưởng gia công cắt chặt thep bản mã

Beam and column connections can be made in construction and architectural projects using bolts, nuts, rivets and other permanent welding methods, which are platbands. What is ciphertext steel?

In the article below, Asean Steel will present in detail about ciphertext steel, one of the important materials in the construction industry and manufacturing machinery.

What is ciphertext steel?

The ciphertext steel (English name is Gusset Plate) is also known as the ciphertext steel, the ciphertext iron, the staircase code plate, the stone is the way of the southerners. Is a steel plate welded into a box placed in the concrete pile oil that has the effect of welding between two concrete piles in the process of pressing the piles to the ground or has the role of creating a fixed slab on independent structures. together to support bearing capacity and structure alignment.

Xưởng cắt chặt thép bản mã

Plate steel is used at joints, bend points or each discrete link to support the transfer of stress between the joining parts and the connection from there, helping to strengthen the joint and adhesion force. There are many methods of ciphertext fixation. In which, the most common is fixed by rivets, bolts or welding.


We can find ciphertext steel commonly and commonly used in beam and column connections of steel bridges, building foundations, buildings, bridge foundations and many other structural and structural projects. other architecture.


Structure of ciphertext steel


Plateau steel has a very simple shape and structure, the eight common ciphertexts commonly encountered in practice and common are square, rectangular or trapezoidal, the surface is punched to let the bolt go. via.

Xưởng cắt chặt thép tấm theo yêu cầu

The address of a specialist in sheet steel cutting is a flange as required in Ho Chi Minh City


In addition, plate steel can often be found in triangular, round, oval or any quadrilateral, trapezoidal shape, to custom fit joints and column beams,…

The size and thickness of the platband will depend greatly on the column beam design, the bearing capacity and the wrong design load of the steel structure to accommodate all the welds and link the trusses. ,…. The length of the weld, the arrangement of bolts and screws and the angle between the plate and the bar axis is not less than 15 degrees to ensure the transmission of force from the bar to the plate.

 Xưởng gia công cắt chặt thep tấm

Therefore, in practice, the choice of plate steel is carefully calculated based on the overall consideration of the properties of the building from the construction site, such as the plate steel for the foot of the column or the plate steel. used to connect bolts. The environment and construction location are open or wet, depending on each specific project.

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